Our Experience

Over 20 years of Positive Energy in the Pacific

As the Pacific’s leading solar energy service provider Clay Energy have deployed more than 8 MW of solar infrastructure.

Delivering sophisticated solutions throughout the region for 20 years, we have acquired a unique depth of experience, as well as comprehensive ‘local’ knowledge. We are similarly proud of our continually developing and growing pool of local engineering talent and technical capabilities. All of these critical strengths are regularly leveraged for our customer’s advantage.

We feature here a small selection of projects that demonstrate our various capabilities and immense experience across the region

Grid Connect


Vanuatu PV Grid - 767kWp

The Vanuatu Solar Project funded bu the United Arab Emirates (UAE) Pacific Partnership Fund (UPPF) saw the construction and commissioning of two PV Grid Connected plants, totaling 767 kWp) in Port Vila, Vanuatu. The smaller plant being 122.7 kWp ground mounted and installed in the Vanuatu Meteorological, Geotechnical and Disaster Management (VMGD) compound while the second plant totaled 644.8 kWp with 329.8 kWp ground mounted and 315 kWp car park arrays installed at the Vanuatu Parliament complex. 

This increased the total solar PV installed capacity from the original 502 kWp to 767 kWp with the addition of a Schletter Park @Sol car park array with a 112 car space capacity at the Vanuatu Parliament car parking area.

The PV Grid Connect system was developed to subsidise the National Grid, and reduce fuel costs associated with the diesel generators which provide the majority of Vanuatu’s energy.

Three separate sites together supply up to 6% Port Vila's noon-demand.

Since installation, these sites have provided significant environmental and economic benefits to Vanuatu. Some of these benefits include:

  • 324,537 litres of diesel fuel saved each year
  • 896 tons of CO2 emissions avoided each year
  • Direct savings of USD$378,085 on reduced diesel reliance


Kadavu, Rotuma & Lau Solar-Diesel - 531kW

Another UAE Pacific Partnership Fund (UPPF) funded project. The 531kW Solar-Diesel grid connect system consists of three sites in Fiji. This includes 225kW system in Kadavu, 153kW system each in Lakeba and Rotuma. The system integrates a Fuel Save Controller to link the diesel generator, PV system and load. 

The SMA Fuel Save Controller takes on all demand-based control of PV feed-in depending on the load and generation profile, ensuring maximum reliability guarantee and reducing fuel costs with carbon dioxide emissions.


Denarau Marina Complex Grid Connect - 251kW

The PV grid connect system consists of 1047 x Trina 240W roof mounted solar array. It is sized to supply the day usage of the complex. 

A total of 251kW of inverters have been used to supply 3-Phase power to the building. System also consists of energy meters, protection equipment, outdoor/interior cabling between solar array, inverter and main switchboard per required standards.